On May 25, 2023 Ohio Futures made the news on Good Morning, Columbus. Check out the segment by visiting the link below: 


On May 13, 2023 students from Ben Logan Middle School in Bellefontaine met with students from The Wellington School in Columbus to conclude an outstanding Spring partnership. In addition to competing in the March Mammal Madness competition, these students had also come up with their own zoo enclosure concepts. Seeing real zoo enclosures and considering how they meet the needs of their resident animals was a great way to compare their work with the work of real-life zoologists. 

With NCAA’s March Madness in the air, 5th Grade students from Wellington and Bellefontaine have started working on their own brackets. The twist? Students are selecting which animals would win in head-to-head contests, hoping to pick winners who will advance to the elite eight, the final four, and the championship match-up. It has been great to see students working together with some peers they never would have met otherwise. Great thanks to Ms. Peterson and Ms. Austin for their hard work, creativity, and vision in bringing this project to fruition! 

Congratulations to one of our partner teachers, Scott Langford, on being recognized by the Treasurer’s Office of the State of Ohio as an outstanding educator this month. You can find the full press release here…

first stipend

Ohio Futures reached an important milestone today by sending out our very first stipend check. Pictured are Greg Davis, Ohio Futures (left) and Bettina Byrd, Financial Center Manager/VP Fifth Third Bank(right)